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M The origins of this" have long been shrouded in mystery and controversy. O well, it's true. Even more- as it plan cul homosexuel rencontre gay france always has been- it stems from my vain attempt to give every part of the world its due, whether it's as business writer, game journalist, international relations reporter, arts commentator, or war correspondent, every story incurring.
  • New World Notes: dancing about architecture
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  • Or for builders, places to create their own idea of a perfect home. Dancing about architecture, recently the reporter for a very real real estate magazine asked me about the current state of architecture, land sales, and housing development in Second Life.
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  1. Di Pietro: Alle primarie sosterrò Bersani
  2. I'm looking forward to this collaboration between Hamlet and Chip! When I first did a thorough Web search for an answer, wa-a-ay back on December 30, 1996, most instances didn't have any attribution at all - and those that did credited one or more of a dozen different people. Part of it has to do with the state of land and development being in flux, due to profound policy changes that will likely affect them. Le site m est, lui aussi (comme le site généraliste totalement gratuit, ce qui est plutôt rare pour un site de rencontre gay!
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  4. But rather than make any more broad observations based on my daily fly-overs, last week I took a long in-depth tour of the world, with a singular focus on trends in architectural and land development. Virtual Suburbia a profilic and eloquent blog exclusively devoted to reviewing the architecture of Second Life. And though I'd just written about social conflicts around land sales, going through my old entries, I realized it'd been a long time since I wrote about those three subjects in any kind of thorough way. Alert reader Mark Turner (email protected) kindly provided the earliest solid citation I have so far, for any variant: "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture - it's a really stupid thing to want." -Elvis Costello,.


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